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With its innovative model, eMaxx Partners plays the combined role of architect and general contractor. First as brand architect, by providing C-suite level input into the strategic planning process; then as general contractor by assembling an “A Team” of marketing specialists to generate ideas that activate and lead to the successful implementation of the strategic plan.


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Digital Transformation

Customer Data Management

Creative Ideas

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One of the unique aspects of eMaxx Partners is that, with 80+ years of agency experience, our leaders here have worked closely with all members of the C-Suite. In addition, we have served as Board members helping to build strategies to increase brand value, profit margins, and EBITDA.

We have been asked to take a seat at the ultimate decision-making tables to guide high-level integration of management operations and marketing solutions—all centered around a clearly defined brand purpose. Look to eMaxx for growth—based on a proven track record for understanding and implementing the power of brand energy.

OUR services

Brand Architecture

The development of architectural plans are essential for building a purpose-driven brand. It serves as foundation for all brand strategy plans moving forward.

Branded Content (e.g. video)

Content is "King." We produce written, graphic, and video content designed to make emotional connection and to inform.

Brand ID

Development of Brand ID includes name development, logo design, photography, iconography, color pallet, type font, and tone of voice.

Brand Strategy

With 80+ years of experience helping brands develop strategies for success, we work with the C-Suite to identify GAPS between Today (current state) and Tomorrow (future state). Then, we design strategies to close the GAPS.

Brand Valuation

Identifies where the company fits in the marketplace today based on "brand strength and transactional strength." Then, we map, track, and optimize these measures to meet growth objectives.

Creative Services

Creative services include full development of ideas, campaigns ,and production. We tap into a teams of artists, writers, and producers to craft messages that meet brand strategy requirements. It’s this service that develops all sales & marketing materials like content, collateral, slogans, jingles, logos, and more.

Customer Experience (CX)

CX includes engagement and experience design services that align customer expectations with operational excellence. Then, we identify CX-Tech requirements and establish KPIs to measure success for each stage of the customer journey—all to improve CX.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps include a visual representation of the customer journey (also called the buyer journey or user journey). It helps tell the story about your customers’ experiences with your brand—across all touch points. Whether your customers interact with you via social media, email, live chat or other channels, mapping the customer journey out visually helps ensure no one slips through the cracks.


CRM services include matching the right platform (software) to manage interactions with customers, store information about them, and automate a number of processes connected with the customer's journey through the entire experIence.

Database Mgmt

DBMS services include current state assessment, road map to improved integrations and seamless distribution of messaging—all leading to better relationships and retention.

Data Mining

Data mining services include the science, art, and technology for organizing large and complex bodies of data— to uncover useful patterns of insights for lead gen, conversion, and retention improvements. This comes in several forms: pictorial data mining, text mining, social media mining, web mining, and audio and video mining.

Design Services

Graphic design services include the process of creating visual content in the form of pictures, illustrations, typography, icons, photos, etc. to communicate messages that inform and motivate action.

Digital Services

DMS include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing.


Event marketing services include online events (connecting presenters and participants through a web-based interface), webinars, virtual events, live streaming events, physical events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, and more.

Marketing Research

The research services we provide are customer decision journey insights, pricing, competitive analysis & category insights, brand awareness measures, marketing message testing, customer segmentation, product development.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral includes a variety of formats ranging from printed brochures to point-of-sale posters, videos, e-books, newsletters, graphics, and more.

Media Planning & Buying

Media planning and buying includes plan development designed to get the best return for your advertising budget by identifying the right channels, right times, and the right allocation of the media budget.


Web design services encompass a multitude of variables including layout, content, graphics, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.


The social media marketing we provide includes content development, management, and messaging for social presence across all social sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+).

Web3 & Metaverse

Innovative marketing solutions not yet fully developed or discovered.

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