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eMaxx Partners harnesses the expertise residing within the organization and converts it to energy. Maximum Energy delivered differently, efficiently, proactively. We do this through a full suite of brand development services---including Purpose-Driven Brand Strategy, CX Solutions, Modern Marketing, and Creative Ideas, guiding every step in the process.

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Is Your Brand’s Purpose Activated?
Today’s customers, clients, and employees are more likely to engage, interact, purchase, champion, and defend companies with purpose. For a company to be purpose led, all decisions—such as—leadership, culture, product development, hiring practices, resourcing, and so on, have to be aligned around the intention of fulfilling the brand’s purpose.
Is Your Brand A CX Leader or Laggard?
It is critical to understand the new age of “liquid expectations” for customers. And the role CX (customer experience) plays in decision-making for which brand to choose. Getting this right is critical for growth and improvement of shareholder value.
Is Operations Inextricably Linked To Marketing?
Operational excellence and marketing solutions need to be inextricably linked. The traditional marketing services mindset has zero interest in building a bridge between these two disciplines.
Is Marketing A Key Growth Engine For Your Org?
Marketing should be viewed as a growth engine. Not as an expense. And if that’s not your view, you need new and different marketing.
Do You Have The Best Talent Working On Your Business?
Or is it the best you have access to? Our “open-source intelligence model” leads to best-in-class brand strategy and marketing solutions for every project. We source exactly the right professionals to execute the game plan we create together.
Are You Getting The Right Results From Your Marketing Partner?
Traditional agency networks and consultancies often let financial motives get in the way of delivering the best solution. eMaxx provides an impartial approach to marketing solutions that avoids big overhead and unexpected costs.


is success centric.

CX Leaders are driving 5X the profitability vs CX Laggards. 4.5X higher margins. Higher NPS scores and have better retention. CX Leadership requires brands communicate, emotionally connect, and build relationships with customers in completely new and innovative ways—in ways that are changing quickly and dramatically. New technologies require that the CX (customer experience) be seamless, transparent, and frictionless. SHOW MORE

CX Leaders are driving


the profitability vs. CX Laggards



(Marketing Growth & Assessment Process)

M-GAP Strategic Planning Process focuses on identifying the GAPS between where we are today (current state) and where we want to be tomorrow (future state). Once the GAPS are clearly identified, an action plan is designed and implemented to close the GAPS.

strategic brand development
M-GAP (Marketing Growth & Assessment Process)

brand Immersion

brand strategy

brand road map

brand activation

  • eMaxx M-GAP Strategic Planning Process focuses on identifying the gaps between where your brand resides today and where your want to be tomorrow.
  • M-GAP is used to uncover key insights to help guide strategic brand and brand identity development recommendations.
  • M-GAP studies a 360-degree view of the brand, the target, and the marketplace to identify the best GTM strategies.

Gap analysis

  • Brand Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Target Assessment
  • Research
  • Today vs. Tomorrow

brand architecture

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Essence

go-to-market strategy

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing/Ops Alignment
  • PR Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Website Strategy


  • Plan Execution
  • Plan Evaluation
  • Plan Optimization


traditional model

• A traditional agency relationship
• Focus on traditional advertising
• Precious about ideas
• Command and control
• Captive talent pool inside agency
• Generalists
• Limited transparency
• Substantial overhead


Strategic partnerships/alliances

Focus on best solution

Open source ideas

Collaborate and connect

Limitless talent pool


Full transparency

Substantially less overheard

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Hospitality & Restaurants

Financial Services

Consumer Product Goods








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