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A purpose-driven team making an impact in the world

The Formula for Energizing Brands

We believe today’s customers, clients, and employees are more likely to engage, interact, purchase, champion, and defend companies with a clearly defined brand purpose. At eMaxx Partners, we have a long history of helping brands define and activate their brand’s purpose—a key part of the formula for energizing brands.

The Power of Purpose Driven Brands

There’s been lots of interesting research from HBR, Kantar, Edelman, Cone, WARC, and Accenture. It all points in the same direction. Brands built around an inspiring Brand Purpose perform much better than the rest. The Kantar study puts it at nearly 2x in terms of brand valuation. These brands attract more new customers and build more brand loyalty than their less purpose-driven competitors. Also, a compelling Brand Purpose helps attract high performance employees who deliver exceptional results. It creates focus and fuels passion.



Timothy A Blett

Founder/CEO, Partner

Tim is an Entrepreneur, Board Director, CEO, and Investor. Over the past 30 years, he has helped everything from start-ups to marquee brands define their brand purpose, build their reputation, solve their customer experience (CX) issues, and grow their business. Injecting brand energy into the enterprise has been his secret sauce.SHOW MORE


David Griffith

Founder/CSO, Partner

Not your average strategist. As a forward-looking economist—who started his career at a world-renowned think tank before entering advertising—David has worked on some of the world’s best-known brands. He has a proven talent for guiding brands through complex challenges and creating marketing ecosystems that create meaningful differentiation and marketplace impact.SHOW MORE


David Stolberg

Founder/CCO, Partner

Rising up through the ranks of Copywriter to Creative Director and beyond, David is the owner and management lead at SF Bay Area-based creative agency, Rule of 3. The past three decades have taken David to well-known advertising agencies and countless opportunities to spearhead creative development on world-class brands and emerging startups alike.SHOW MORE

Key Partnerships

eMaxx Partners has traveled hundreds of miles, solved countless client challenges, and delivered exceptional results in collaboration with these key strategic partners.


a company seeks to make a difference in the world.

Most brands say they have a purpose, but if it’s not activated, the said purpose will have zero impact. Purpose can be academic. Impact is all about results. Purpose without meaning won’t have an Impact. And Impact without a Purpose won’t be meaningful.

At eMaxx, we have been committed to both since our inception. Currently, we are highly engaged with Hope Builders with T Blett is serving as Board Chair (for a 3rd term). Hope Builders aims to stabilize the lives of 30,000+ young adults (ages 18-28) in our community and give them the skills and support needed for upwardly-mobile employment. The end game is a pathway from poverty conditions to living-wage employment, self-sufficiency, a career pathway, and prosperity. Or as we like to say "provide a pathway to prosperity."